Successful first year at MRF Tyres Finland

Successful first year at MRF Tyres Finland

MRF Tyres Finland's first year of operation, founded in autumn 2020, has been very successful in many ways. The success of the race has come on a broad front, which is naturally also reflected in the company's operations. First-year sales and tyre feedback have exceeded all expectations.

- The first year has been a really positive surprise for us and I am really pleased with the way the operations have developed. We have broken the sales limit of 1,000 tyres during the year and that is a positive sign for the future. I am also particularly pleased with the MRF community created by MRF Tyres Finland and the special MRF spirit it creates. Every MRF driver is important and part of our community, says Sami Kivioja, CEO of MRF Finland Oy.

In the 2021 season, the most prominent and successful driver of MRF tyres in Finland has been Emil Lindholm, who made history by winning the tyre brand's first-ever Finnish championship.

- The Finnish Rally Championship series is certainly the most prestigious of the national rally series in the world. In order to succeed in Finland, a tyre manufacturer is required to have expertise in a fairly wide area: snow and ice and gravel roads of different composition. The tyre must operate in different conditions in Finland. The MRF did well in this, Lindholm said after the championship was confirmed.

Lindholm also praises the speed and results of MRF's development work:
- We have received changes in the direction we want very quickly and they have worked as desired.

During the past season, the MRF tyres were used to drive the general race wins, the podium placements and their own records in the Rally Championship series as well as in the Junior and Junior Championship series.

In the WRC Rally Finland and the national "Vetomies" race, MRF tyres wing to victory both Mika Rampanen (Nelivetomies 2021) and Toni Herranen, whom the race was the first with MRF tyres.

- The tyres worked really well all weekend, nothing to regret. However, the conditions were really challenging, especially for the second time, said Herranen after the race, who had won the two-wheel drive class.

MRF tyres have found a solid customer base and during 2021 the tyre has achieved class victories in several national rallies with both four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive vehicles as well as historic cars. In addition, the BMW Rally Series summer season races have been run on MRF tyres. And not only in rallying, MRF tyres have also competed in other motorsports, such as constant speed driving as well as in rally sprint.

The plans of MRF Tyres Finland's CEO Sami Kivioja and the chairman of the board, the two-time world rally champion Marcus Grönholm, for the next season have already been created:

- In the period 2022, we will continue to work for the development of MRF, tyre sales and the community. We wish all MRF drivers success in next year's race and welcome new MRF drivers to our community!

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