Co-Motorsport has full team points from Turku

Co-Motorsport has full team points from Turku

For Co-Motorsport, led by Sami Kivioja, the opening of the Finnish Championship series in Turku was almost a jackpot. For the second time in a row, the points accounted for full SM points and the team's drivers achieved as many as 3 class wins and 22 fastest stage time.

Co-Motorsport, second in the teams' Finnish Championship series after the winter season, continued in the Länsirannikko rally from where they left off in the previous race in Kuopio. Ville Hautamäki and Jere Pensas, who collected team points, both drove their classes to victory and thus the team's account was full of points.

- The Turku region is known for its challenging roads. However, our tire selection worked great. In fact, the car, driver, co-driver Ari-Pekka Hautanen, maintenance and tires all work really well, praises Hautamäki, who has achieved seven base times in the SM2 class.

Jere Pensas, who is competing in the SM5 class, has made a convincing impression with his co-driver Jouni Saarijärvi this season. After two runners-up, the duo have won twice, and the name of the Laihia resident ranks as number one in the class.

-The competition for the victory intensifies in each rally. Nowhere can you be assured, nor take it any easier. You have to stay focused and think about where to find more momentum, says Pensas.

After two unlucky races, Tuukka-Matias Kivioja and Juha Heinonen drove convincingly to win the RSJM3 class, and the young man was happy for a reason.

- After the interruptions the race went well and it was nice to finish. Gained experience with a new car and the result was good!

Aatu Hakalehto, who competes in the Finnish Youth Championship, participated in the fifth rally of her career. He started at a brisk pace and reached fastest stage times after another. Secondly, the run-out in the last special stage and the lost podium placement in it were annoying, of course, but evidence of one's own potential has been given.

- Credit for a gravel tyre was found much faster than for a winter tyre, which is why we were now at the top pace in the summer. We are really happy with the pace and we are leaving for Pohjanmaa rally with the same pulse.

The team's newest newcomer, Suvi Jyrkiäinen, drove her first Finnish Championship rally in Turku. The goal was to bring the car to the finish line intact and gain experience, and it was achieved, but there was a hunger for the next race.

- There was a challenge in the race when there were many new things: driving on gravel, making a note and driving a note. Now, however, we got good miles under and I know a little more what a rally is! The team, the car and the tyres, as well as the collaboration with co-driver Antony Warmbold, worked great throughout the rally. It's good to continue with this!

Team manager Sami Kivioja sums up a successful weekend:

- We had a great weekend and good things for everyone. The drivers and maintenance worked just fine, there was nice things to do and feelings at the top. Ville and Jere succeeded in what they went to get from this race and they both assured them with certainty. Suvi clearly took a step forward and it is interesting to follow where we are in the Pohjanmaa Rally. Tuukka was already successful, so much has been unfortunate since the beginning of the season. The pace promises a good end to the season. Aatu immediately proved his speed with gravel and I guess that Pohjanmaa is in the same setup, that the bottom times are being driven and that the final disposal is high!

Rally SM 2022, teams' SM points, 4/7 races:
1. Printsport Junior Team 183; 2. Co-Motorsport 161; 3. Printsport 127; 4. TGS Skoda Team 116; 5. Rautio Motorsport 103; 6. Finsoffat 86; 7. RTRC 42; 8. RTE Motorsport 35; 9. Dynamo 7

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